About the game

“It is not wise to look at just one side of the coin, even though it has two…”

Soluna, the Eremite

Main Character ManiAfter a terrible storm on the high seas, little sailor Mani finds themselves shipwrecked on Hopena Island, without a single clue about how or why they survived.

Trying to adapt to their new surroundings, they meet the villagers and learn that the island is ruled by Kismey, the destiny deity, which controls the fate of every being on the island, in order to establish safety and balance.

When Mani discovers that they are suddenly able to foresee other people’s fates, they can decide: Shall they maintain the foreseen balance of the island, or help the rebels overthrow Kismey and fight for their free will?

Platform: Windows / Mac
Release: 2018

Ad Libitum is a 5th semester project by six media technology students who, inspired by their own favorite titles, created a single player adventure game in which the player can choose their own way through the story, either following destiny or the rebels, and subsequently experiencing one of multiple endings. There is neither good nor bad, but instead both sides tell the story from another viewpoint. Depending on how the player decides to advance in the story, their path in the next play-through will be different in both story and gameplay.

In contrast to the growing trends towards 3D-style, Ad Libitum features only completely hand-drawn and 2D-animated graphics.